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Undead Encounter Dice – Large Zombie

Originally posted on Encounter Dice:
Zolara crept through the graveyard on her nightly patrol. There had been disturbances of fresh graves resulting in, what the town council referred to as “a regrettable outbreak of body snatching.” Those dolts could not…

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Feeding Frenzy

My mate made the following scenario for a 6 player 4500 point a side battle. Each side would comprise of 3 1500 point armies with normal force restrictions chosen from Codex Dark Angels and Codex Tyranids respectively. DISCLAIMER: The Following … Continue reading

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The Disciples of Caliban

…….and i’m starting a Deathwing army. Oh well here we go again. As per usual for me i’ll be doing a successor chapter rather than the founding one. The Disciples of Caliban had a nice colour scheme (admittedly there is … Continue reading

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