The Disciples of Caliban

…….and i’m starting a Deathwing army. Oh well here we go again. As per usual for me i’ll be doing a successor chapter rather than the founding one. The Disciples of Caliban had a nice colour scheme (admittedly there is only the power armour scheme in the codex, but it’s not hard to adapt for the termies) so off i went. I’ll be following this 2000pt Deathwing only list I came up with.


Belial. 190pts
Deathwing Command Squad,
Standard of Retribution, Champion, Apothecary, Plasma Cannon. 315pts
Terminator Armour, Mace of Redemption, Porta-rack. 185pts.


Deathwing Terminators,
Assault Cannon. 240pts
Deathwing Terminators,
Cyclone Missile Launcher. 245pts


Deathwing Knights,
X10. 470pts
Venerable Dreadnought,
Multimelta, Powerfist, Drop Pod. 160pts 
Venerable Dreadnought,
Twin linked lascannon, Missile Launcher, Drop Pod. 195pts

TOTAL 2000pts

I’ve tried to keep this as fluffy as possible whilst keeping it playable and within points. The obvious exception to this would be the knights. My defence is that if it’s serious enough for Belial himself to take to the field, he’s gonna need some serious backup. Or, they are hunting a cell of Fallen. Either way, it’s a small, elite army that should present challenges for both generals. And be fun!


The above is what is finished so far. 

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