Undead Encounter Dice – Large Zombie

Encounter Dice


Zolara crept through the graveyard on her nightly patrol. There had been disturbances of fresh graves resulting in, what the town council referred to as “a regrettable outbreak of body snatching.” Those dolts could not see a pattern if it was pointed out to th… She suddenly darted behind a gravestone as the sound of splintering timbers echoed amongst the headstones. Bestial grunting followed and the mercenary could see the huge shape up ahead with a body tucked almost lazily under one arm. It’s one baleful eye scanning the darkness as if waiting for something. That’s when the smell reached her…

The large zombie appears on the Undead Encounter dice. This can represent a minotaur, as pictured, or any other large humanoid or non-humanoid monster you wish. The Undead Encounter is a stretch goals in the Encounter Dice campaign launching on the 1st of September.

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Feeding Frenzy


My mate made the following scenario for a 6 player 4500 point a side battle. Each side would comprise of 3 1500 point armies with normal force restrictions chosen from Codex Dark Angels and Codex Tyranids respectively.

DISCLAIMER: The Following battle report contains some text written in Scots dialect. Whenever I have felt a translation is needed I have inserted one in brackets.  This is my first attempt at writing a battle report so be gentle.

I chose my standard Ravenwing list with the following concessions to my Tyranid opponent. Firstly I took out the Dark Shroud. I knew there was going to be significantly less shooting coming my way and so taking an expensive Land Speeder with no fire power seemed redundant. Replacing the Dark Shroud in that precious FA slot I took a squadron of 3 Land Speeder Typhoons. These are great in any situation but particularly against ‘nids. They can blast monstrous creatures and hoards of wee nasties equally well with contemptuous ease. My allies were also taking armies with strong themes. Andy was stepping in for Tom who had written the mission and was using his army. Tom has been playing with a Space Marine hoard, taking Tactical Squads and Devastator Squads in abundance. Having been beaten by this force on a couple of occasions I can vouch for its effectiveness. Andy added in a couple of Assault Squads armed with flamers in order to prune those regenerating gribblies! Dickie had a simple objective; see how many Dreadnoughts he could fit into 1500 points. Using Salamader allies I think he managed to get 6 in a 1500 point list including Bray’arth Ashmantle, 2 Dakka Dreads, 2 Ironclads and a Contemptor. Dickie and Andy also took a couple of Whirlwinds for some pie plate fun.

Between the three of us I felt we had a flexible and hard hitting force, with my bikes, Andy’s Tacticals and Dickie’s mighty Dreadnoughts!

Dark Angels

  • Azrael
  • 2 X 6 Man Black Knight Squads 2 grenade launchers
  • 3 X 6 Man RW squad with 2 meltas (combat squads)
  • 3 Land Speeder Typhoons
  • 2 Whirlwinds
  • 6 Dreadnoughts
  • About 100 Space Marines (Tactical, Assault, Devastators) armed with flamers, missile launchers, heavy bolters and plasma guns. These were all in 5 man squads, meaning they would die in combat quickly so the nids couldn’t hide in combat.
  • 2 Librarians


  • 4 Tervigons
  • 20 Gargoyles
  • 12 Genestealers
  • 2 Flyrants
  • 3 Trygons
  • 1 Mawlock
  • 30 Hormogaunts
  • Ravenors
  • About 50 Termagants
  • 6 Tyranid Warriors
  • 6 Hive guard
  • Doom of Malantai
  • Deathleaper (who brought Araels, therefore -2 leadership for the entire DA army!)

Night fighting: off
DA Warlord Trait: Rapid Manoeuvre (we read this wrong and thought it affected the whole army!)
Tyranid warlord trait: Strategic Genius (re-roll reserves, 2+ with a re-roll!)
Psychic powers: Too many to count! Unsurprisingly the ‘nids took Biomancy and got the usual Iron Arm silliness.


Come ahead

Come ahead ya bampots! (I would like to fight you, you crazy person.)

DA Deploy

Dark Angels Deployment.


The objective! All the Tyranids need to do is kill this banner….

Tyranid Depoly

The Tyranids deployment.

Street View

A ‘streetview’ of the Tyranid nasties.


The DA deploy first and prepare a ring of steel with the Whirlwinds and Rhinos at the back, Dreadnoughts and Devastators in the middle and bikes and Combat Dreadnoughts at the edge. Tactical Squads liberally distributed throughout. Black Knights outflank.

The Tyranids keep most of their stuff in reserve. 4 Tervigons, a Flyrant, Carnifexes, Hive Guard and millions of wee griblies start on but they refuse one flank, meaning that a substantial part of the DA army is out of range! Sneaky wee beasties that they are!

DA Turn 1

The RW scout move is used mainly to ensure that things are at maximum range to fire bolters. A few units move toward the side that the ‘nids are on but some on the far side of the board stay put knowing that the ‘nids have plenty of outflanking/deep striking stuff. The Speeders move to be within range of a variety of targets. Curt states that my bikes are ‘lined up like lambs for the slaughter’.

Most things are out of range. A smattering of bolter fire pulls down a few Gaunts and Gargoyles. Some Tactical Squad’s missile launchers are in range of the lead Tervigon and it takes 2 wounds. My Speeders take 4 wounds from the Tervigon killing it – the resulting explosion kills another 5 Gaunts from various squads.

First Blood! Ya dancer! Get it up ye! (First Blood, very good, take that you horrible monster.)

Tyranid Turn 1

Hoard Advance

The hoard advances!

All 3 Tervigons spawn Gaunts but 2 run dry!  A multitude of Iron Arm is cast. Everything moves up, and then shoots or runs. The Flyrant swoops. The Hive Guard pull down a Speeder which is the only kill of the 1st Tyranid shooting phase. The Gargoyles attempt to charge a Bike Squad but are just out!

DA Turn  2

Both Black Knight Squads come on, one from each table side. The one which is closest to the hoard turbo boosts back to the DA lines, they did not fancy taking on the hoard single-handed! The other other Black Knight Squad turbo boosts up the board to the middle of the DA deployment zone.

The Astartes unleash a broadside at the hoard. The Gargoyles are victimised by mass bolter and Whirlwind fire and cop it. A Rifle Dread knocks the Flyrant out the sky and it loses a wound. One of the Carnifexes cops it (dies) and another loses a wound. A bunch of Gaunts die. A Tervigon takes a wound.

Tyranid Turn 2

Joining Battle

The battle is joined.


The Mawlock attempts to deep strike underneath the Black Knights….


But misses!

Trygons Emerge

Multiple Trygons emerge deep behind Imperial lines.

Due to reserves coming on 2+ with re-rolls everything comes on, with the exception of the Zoanthropes who roll a double 1! The last Tervigon that can, spawns 9 more Gaunts. Stealers, Ravenors, Gargoyles and 2nd Flyrant come on the left flank. 3 Trygons appear, 1 next to the banner bearer (gulp) and the other 2 in the midfield. 30 Hormagaunts come on the right flank.  The Mawlock scatters away from the Black Knights (phew!). A Tervigon loses a wound to perils. Other than that the usual multitude of Iron Arm is cast. Doom of Malantai comes down next to loads of stuff.

All units are leadership 8 due to the specific ruling of Deathleaper and Azrael! This makes Doom brutal! He kills one 5 man Tactical Squad and 2 bikes, and would have killed far more but for lucky rolling. The Flyrant on the right flank kills 2 marines. Another Speeder cops it. Bray’arth Ashmantle takes it in the back from a Dakka Fex! Dickie’s Contemptor is also obliterated by Tyranid shooting; Dickie began tae greet like a wee lassie at this point (cry like a diminutive female).

To cheer Dickie up Doom shot his strength 10 blast which scattered off the Knights and back onto himself, instant killing him despite his invulnerable save.

DA Turn 3


The Tyranid attack is blunted with the death of the Tyrant.

Both Black Knight squads “line up for the kill.” Everything else shuffles back or line up shots.

A multitude of Gaunts die to Whirlwind and bolter shots. A few ‘stealers die to bolters and the other Whirlwind. A Tactical Squad and an Assault Squad flame the tightly packed Hormagaunts killing 15. Meanwhile the Flyrant on the right flank had dusted himself off having been shot out the sky last turn and was swooping dangerously close to the DA lines. He survived shooting from both Rifle Dreads without taking any damage but was then shot out the sky by a combat squad of bikes! Combined fire pulls down one of the Trygons in the middle of the board the other mid-table Trygon is killed by a black knight squad. The other Black Knight squad kill the Flyrant that was plucked out the air by the bike squad. Lots of other monstrous creatures take wounds including the Dakka Fex who is reduced to one!

Tyranid Turn 3


The implacable hoard advances, heedless of losses.

At this stage the ‘nids had no synapse in our deployment zone! Everything was fine with the exception of the Dakka Fex which lost its shooting due to rage. Numerous Iron Arms were cast. The Zoanthropes came down and with the help of the Trygon wrecked the Rhino, but Azrael and the command squad got out the other side, away from the horrible muckle (big) beasties. The Tyranids charge; the Dakka Fex charges the Ironclad, the depleted  ‘stealer squad charges a Tactical Squad, Termagaunts charge a Tactical Squad, the Ravenors charge some Black Knights who lose two of their own when their plasma talons overheat and, to make matters worse, the overwatch fire doesn’t kill anything! The Hormogaunts charge the other Black Knight squad who don’t overwatch for fear of more over heats. The Mawloc resubmerges.

The Ironclad smashes the Dakka Fex before it gets to strike. The Ravenors only kill 1 Black Knight despite doing 8 wounds are beaten in combat and caught in a sweeping advance, the Hormogaunts do another 6 wounds to the other Black Knight squad but fail to kill any and are also caught and cut down! 2 Tactical Marines hold off 9 Termagants and destroy them as they turn to flee! To top it all a sergeant survives a challenge with a Broodlord despite his squad being cut down by the other ‘stealers!

DA Turn 4

Chagha'an Khan

Chagha’an Khan (counts as Azrael) destroys a huge squad of Hormagaunts single handed!

At this point the Black Knights feel invincible so I decided to ride one squad of them into the teeth of the hoard like the proverbial radge (mentalist idiot) that I am. The other Black Knight line up the other Hive tyrant to see if they can add to their monstrous creature kill tally. The Banner squad moves away from Trygon at the back and towards the middle of the board. Pressed from all sides the ring of steel is contracting but holding strong!

Hoards of wee gribleys are put down by bolter, flamer and Whirlwind missile strikes. The Black Knight squad who charged into the teeth of the hoard have no good targets (I was hoping to kill another Tervigon) due to an inconvenient bush so they kill a squad of Hive Guard instead. Dickie’s dreadnoughts knock the other Flyrant out the sky, and the other squad of Black Knights kill it. A Devastator Squad and the scouts and assorted missile toting Tactical Marine squads shoot and kill the Trygon who was rampaging deep in our deployment zone. Azrael, who had left the command squad, charged the Zoanthropes. The Ironclad Dreadnought charged the ‘stealers and killed them all with the exception of the sergeant who survives a 2nd combat against the Broodlord! Azrael kills one of the Zoanthropes.

Tyranid Turn 4

See Tunnels!

Tyranid reinforcements pour through the Trygon tunnels!


Carnifexes stampede past the wreckage of Dark Angels vehicles.

3 massive squads of gaunts pour out of the tunnels left by the Trygons, the Zoanthropes deep strike out of their combat, a Tervigon enfeebles the Black Knights, who are then surrounded by beasties. Massed Tervigon firepower and assaults pull down multiple bikes and tactical squads. The last Speeder is blasted out the sky. The Mawloc scatters off the command squad (phew).

One of the Black knight squads is pulled apart by Tyranid Warriors, Termagants, Hormogaunts and a Tervigon. They kills a couple of warriors though. Hours of pent up, incandescent, rage come cascading out of Curt as he finally gets to kill some of my stuff!

DA Turn 5

Another Carnifex dies to massed fire power leaving one left. The remaining Black Knight squad kills the Mawloc (to recap the 2 Black Knight squads have killed a Mawloc, a Trygon, 2 Flyrants, a squad of Ravenors and a squad of 30 Hormogaunts.) Multitudes of Gaunts die by bolter, blade, flamer and Whirlwind.  Azrael  murders  a squad of 20 on his Jack Jones (on his own).  The Zoanthropes survive a hail of missiles!

Tyranid Turn 5

More Gaunts spawn at the holes. Termagant shooting takes a wound off Azrael. The last Carnifex and a squad of Hormagaunts kill a bike squad each (I have very few bikes left at this point.)

We ran out of time at this point and the game ended.

Game was a fairly solid victory for the Dark Angels!

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The Disciples of Caliban

…….and i’m starting a Deathwing army. Oh well here we go again. As per usual for me i’ll be doing a successor chapter rather than the founding one. The Disciples of Caliban had a nice colour scheme (admittedly there is only the power armour scheme in the codex, but it’s not hard to adapt for the termies) so off i went. I’ll be following this 2000pt Deathwing only list I came up with.


Belial. 190pts
Deathwing Command Squad,
Standard of Retribution, Champion, Apothecary, Plasma Cannon. 315pts
Terminator Armour, Mace of Redemption, Porta-rack. 185pts.


Deathwing Terminators,
Assault Cannon. 240pts
Deathwing Terminators,
Cyclone Missile Launcher. 245pts


Deathwing Knights,
X10. 470pts
Venerable Dreadnought,
Multimelta, Powerfist, Drop Pod. 160pts 
Venerable Dreadnought,
Twin linked lascannon, Missile Launcher, Drop Pod. 195pts

TOTAL 2000pts

I’ve tried to keep this as fluffy as possible whilst keeping it playable and within points. The obvious exception to this would be the knights. My defence is that if it’s serious enough for Belial himself to take to the field, he’s gonna need some serious backup. Or, they are hunting a cell of Fallen. Either way, it’s a small, elite army that should present challenges for both generals. And be fun!


The above is what is finished so far. 

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